Leveraging 125 years of industry know how

Attractive portfolio of projects with ambition to build a further pipeline by leveraging extensive industry know how.

There is a significant need for additional hydropower capacity in the years to come. Electrification accounts for the majority of the Norwegian consumption increase towards 2040.

Glomsdam Kraftverk

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Vest-Telemark Kraftlag

The hydropower plant will utilize the height of fall below the existing dam at Glomsdam. From Glomsdam and to the lake Drang is another height of fall of approximately two meters. In order to increase the fall height, the project includes canalization to the lake Drang, to lower the water level below the existing dam construction. Expected average annual production of 7,27 GWh

Kilandsfoss Kraftverk

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Kilandsfoss Kraftverk has a consession to utilize the height of fall between Flatenfoss hydro power plant and Bøylefoss in Nidelva. The concession given March 8, 2013, gives Kilandsfoss kraftverk AS the right to utilize a gross fall height of approximately 6,1 m. The drain capability of the hydro power plant will be approximately like Flatenfoss hydropower plant, of about 140 m3/s. Expected average annual production of 42 GWh

Focus areas

Targeting the emerging offshore windpower markets in Scandinavia, the Baltics and beyond.

Early mover in the next leading fuels for the maritime sector.

Developing energy parks in the Norwegian market, facilitating the establishment of power intensive, green industry.

Innovative and cost-efficient solutions to solve the energy transmission needs of future offshore wind farms.

Targeting a position in the battery industry and exploring synergies with Arendals Fossekompani’s battery initiative Ampwell.

Working towards taking a position within the solar value chain, considering solar photovoltaics (PV) as well as heating- and cooling technologies.

Seeking to enter the field of carbon capture, an important emissions reduction technology that can be applied across the energy system.